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    To fix itseconomy, India must stopobsessing over China
    译者:unknown     发布时间:2015-10-15     超过 0 位网友阅读



    In German,Schadenfreude means ‘the pleasure that is derived from the misfortune ofothers'. It can be aptly used to describe Indian reactions, official orotherwise, to China'seconomic slowdown, its stockmarket meltdown and the yuan's fall.


    Another Germanword Fremdschämen means ‘the feeling of embarrassment onaccount of what others say or do', something that such declarations can makeyou feel.


    Comparing India's economy to China's, which Indians love to do,is quite ridiculous. Because frankly there's no comparison. China's GDP is$10.3 trillion or five times India's; its annual per capita income is $7,588 or4.5 times India's; China's forex reserves are at $3.9 trillion or more than 10times India's; and China's exports at $2.34 trillion are seven times India's.The truth is that China isway, way ahead of India,and no, it doesn't matter whether our quarterly growth rate is momentarilyhigher than theirs. If we really want to benchmark Indiawith China, here's oneuncomfortable comparison: Chinagrew at 10% for 20 straight years since 1991; India managed 9% plus only forthree years, 2005-08.


    Mr. BernardWijeyasingha • 18 hours ago
    Today's news:
    Beijing revised the growth rateof Chinafor 2014 from 7.4% to 7.3%
    Due to thestock market meltdown in Chinaforeign investors are pulling out so much that China had to dip into her vastreserves to prop up her banks. It has just begun this 3 day holiday weekend.


    Lee Chris • aday ago
    India democracy is working. Need more strike.


    Munna • a dayago
    There areseveral steps that can not only save the precious funding but also help inmaking the growth engine move, let me dwell on them:
    1. There hasto be downsizing of the Government. Devolution of power to States and to thelocal bodies have created a huge army of netas which are just a burden ontaxpayers' money. Although the motive of creating States and so many localbodies and panchayats was to create proper justice for the aspirations of thelocal citizenry but it's all a drain over the country finances. Steps can betaken to downsize the govt. like putting a limit on no. of ministers and otherofficials including departments. So many frivolous deptt. are set-up which arejust source of siphoning off the public money into corruption.
    2. Thereshould be total emphasis on education and health-sector. Private institutionswho're profit oriented should be allowed to function in education sector.Now-a-days, so much foreign exchange is wasted on Indians going abroad foreducation, if foreign and local institutions are allowed to set-up profitoriented institutions in India with appropriate restrictions like wages andother rules than a lot of foreign exchange can be saved by having lesser numberof students going abroad.


    1、 一定要精简政府规模。将权力下放到邦和地方机构只会产生大量的闲杂人员,从而在财政上造成负担。尽管设立邦和地方机构的目的是为了?#36842;?#24403;地?#29992;?#30340;公正愿望,但是对国家的财政来说是个巨大的负担。所以需要采取措施精简政府规模,比如可以对部长以及其他政府官员的数量进行限制。琐碎的部门真是太多了,这些部门只会侵吞公共财产,造成腐败。

    2、 应该重点强调教育和医疗。应该让?#26434;?#21033;为目的的私人机构参与到教育中来。如今有很多印度人去国外接受教育从而浪费了大量外汇,而如果?#24066;?#22806;国和当地机构在印度设立赢利为目的的学校并对工资等方面进行限制的话,那么就不会有那么多印度人去国外留学,从而省下很多外汇。

    lalbahadur • aday ago
    Can the editorconvince his favorite congress party to stop being the road block in front ofpassing these bills like GST by bringing up useless things like ModiGate"scam" where there was no money exchanged and they knew it from dayone.


    Simbha • 2days ago
    Under Mr Modi,the economy will double in three years . Support him whole heartedly and seethe magic happen . Don't laugh.


    PremAnandpreviously Ed D • 2 days ago
    No need totravel chinese path to inherit their problems. Eagle trying to be swan. Notright. Make cashless cooperatives around villages for non farm jobs. Not moremoney for cities and concrete jungle. Not infrastructure. Move slums fromcities back into cashless cooperatves around villages. Reduce population.Indian way that suits indiais // www . Cashless cooperatives . Blogspot . In //
    Hell withexporting crucial minerals and imports. Make india secure.


    PChrome • 2days ago
    Here isanother way to fix: Stop playing politics with the economy.


    Mr. BernardWijeyasingha • 2 days ago
    US business man JimRogers pulled all of his investments out of India (according to the Asia Times)due to red tape and too much corruption.
    Part of thereason China'seconomy has slowed down are her exports are not selling. the Consuming marketsare not buying. that applies to India
    When China lowers the value of her Yuan it will forceIndiato do the same with the Rupee in order to export against Chinese goods. thatbrings inflation to India
    When thecommodities market has fallen out and metals like iron is selling at half theprice per ton, that hits India'smassive exports of minerals and metals.
    when globalcrude oil has fallen to half its value (106 per barrel to 40 per barrel) OPECmoney dries up, investments from Oil revenue around the world, dries up andIndian migrant workers face shrinking Middle Eastern economies. Venezuela anOPEC nation is almost bankrupt.


    中国经济放缓的部分原因在于出口产品卖不出去,而消费市场也不再购买,这同样适用于印度。 当中国贬值人民币时,印度也将被迫贬?#24503;?#27604;,这样才能和中国产品竞争,而这会导致印度通货膨胀。 当商品市场暴跌,导致像铁这样的产品贬值一半时,又会对印度的铁矿石和金属出口造成打击。


    one_out_of_billion Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha • a day ago
    Rupee is afree floating currency not a dollar pegged currency


    Mr. BernardWijeyasingha one_out_of_billion • a dayago
    Yes the IndianRupee is pegged to the US dollar. Why don't you Google and check before makingsuch statements? I did. The Indian Rupee was pegged to the US dollar in 1966.Dollar crashes Indiaimplodes


    one_out_of_billion Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha • a day ago
    why don't youread beyond 1966..and you will find that rupee is a free floating currencysince many years now. Not just google, you can use any search engine and youwill find that


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