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    Cats and dogs to be taken off menu in China
    译者£ºunknown     发布时间£º2013-06-25     超过 0 位网友阅读



    英国¡¶卫报¡·£º中国法律专家正提议禁止吃猫肉和狗肉£¨Chinese legal experts call for ban on eating cats and dogs£º[url]http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/jan/26/dog-meat-china#start-of-comments[/url]£©


    Those against the eating of cat and dog should also be against the eating of all meat.
    Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of everyweek of every month of every year of time, millions of animals suffer the horrors of the slaughter houses of the world.
    There is plenty of protein in vegetables. Many Olympic champions are vegetarians.


    @boredstupid - ""If I ever go to China I want to eat a dog. Im a firmbeliever in embracing traditions in different countries. Can't say im abig fan of snails in France though bit too slimey for me. ""
    - typical middle class bore. - You like to embrace traditionsin other countries? How about stoning women who have been raped, that goes back many centuries to those loyal to the Hadith.
    If people who are impoverished have to eat cats and dogs,sadly I cannot think of a reason to argue against it, even as a vegetarian. I would never lecture anyone on eating meat, your choice,just as it is mine not to.
    However, I recently saw a video from China of dogs being skinned alive and their still breathing, suffering, skinless bodies being thrown on top of each other. This I give a shit about, this is needless. psychotic violence. If the dogs and cats are treated like this then, regardless of this nice liberal self righteousness about 'tradition' and 'culture' it is wrong. If the regard for life is this low, if the ability to not recognize the pain inflicted is that blind,then it is wrong.
    There is nothing worse than this respecting "tradition' without exception. Some tradtions are too invidious to respect, whilst some back-packing Jeremy might think it quaint to see such things, not everyone does.

    @boredstupid说:如果我去中国我就想试试狗肉,我是那种对不同国家的习俗深?#34892;?#36259;者.虽然在法国俺也不是那种很?#19981;?#34583;牛的人因为对我来说有点粘滑 ¡£


    It's rather hypocritical to want to ban eating cats or dogs, while you tuck into your beef or pork or lamb.
    If the trade causes social problems, deal with the problems, and animals for comsumption should be treated humanely whatever the species.

    I used to live in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where there are a lot of ethnic minority hill tribe people. These people are often very poor and in their villages some will eat dog. It is eaten on special occasions such as festivals and when a new house is built and provides much needed protein, which is in short supply for all the family. These people see eating dog as completely natural and were very surprised to find out I had never eaten dog. Despite this they have their own petdogs and look after them and any dogs eaten will have enjoyed a 'free-range' life. In reality there is no difference between eating dogs and other meat, for instance pigs, who are just as intelligent and affectionate as dogs. What is important are the conditions the animals are kept in, whatever sort of animal they are. It makes sense to ask for better living conditions and humane slaughter for all animals used as meat, but it is illogical and hypocritical to say we can eat one sort of animal but not another because some people keep them as pets.The only people who can morally tell us not to eat cats and dogs are vegetarians, meat eating pet owners have no say in the matter. The main problem with allowing people to eat dog is that they may steal otherpeople's pets. Unfortunately one of my pet dogs in Chiang Mai was stolen to be eaten and it was quite a common occurrence where I lived on the outskirts of town. I do not mind people eating dog, but I do object to them eating other people's pets and think such behaviour should be stopped. As for China I think they should concentrate on reducing abuse to humans before reducing abuse to pets.



    Dog tastes vile - it may be protein, but it has no culinary value.
    Plus dogs are not the same as pigs or cows. Humans and dogs have ashared history, a symbiotic relationship - for thousands of years theyhave hunted for us, guarded us and kept us company, and in return thevery least we can is not eat them.


    “The focus has now been narrowed to prevention of animal abuse, which is defined as inflicting unnecessary pain and brutality.”
    This is really the crux of the issue isn't it... although the articlewouldn't have looked as sensationalist with this as the first, ratherthan last, paragraph.
    It might also be noted that the Chinese predeliction forexpensive and rare animal parts is a greater problem, although we can'tblame this type of 'problematic' consumption on the poor can we?

    caught a bit of a news programme here in argentina last night where a franklybroke fella on a beach holiday with his family on the shores of thepolluted rio de la plata was banging on about the delights of eatingdog and cat. "delicious," he said. "once you've eaten cat, you'll neverlook back."
    it may be repugnant to a bunch of middle class moaning minnies,but if the cupboards are bare, what's a guy to do to provide for hisfamily?
    昨天晚上在这里看到一条阿根廷的新闻,一个一贫如洗的家伙?#36864;?#30340;全家在被污染的拉普拉塔河岸上度沙?#24067;?#26085;,他极力称赞吃猫狗带来的快乐. "太好吃了" 他说,"你一吃过猫肉,就再也不会想以前的事了(别无所求?这个不太肯定)"


    When I look at the ridiculous amounts of money spent on our fat, spoiledpets compared to that donated to charities to help the starving forexample, it really does make me sick inside. Maybe eating cats and dogsis the future?
    当我看到,和捐赠给慈善机构以帮助饥民等等?#37027;?#30456;比, 花?#35328;?#25105;们?#22336;视?#23047;横的宠物身上?#37027;?#22810;到不可?#23478;? 我就觉得很难过. 也许将来就应当吃猫狗?

    What will happen in homes in poor rural areas is always beyond the reach of such laws should they come to pass.
    Itwould be far more encouraging to see a tough line taken on the eatingof endangered species in urban China, a practice that is still rampant.This would of course include sharks fin, as no species identificationis made and many of the fins are from red list threatened species.
    Of course perhaps we in the west could set an example and ban the servingof endangered species in restaurants - but somehow it seems ok to thelikes of those who eat at Nobu to eat otherwise viable species intoextirpation and extinction.
    Perhaps it would be better if the Nobucrowd did eat farmed cats and dogs. Please note Iunderstand this is ananimal welfare issue, not really an environmental one, so they'll haveto be free range ..



    如果那些普罗大众(NOBU 是啥?)如果真的吃猫肉够肉也许会更好一些,我把这理解为只是动物福利的?#24405;?#32780;并非真的涉及环境,所?#26434;?#30041;给人家去?#26434;?#22788;理¡£

    It is a sad day that a renewable and plentyful source of good lean proteinfor those who may not otherwise be able to afford it is under threatbecause it does not fit in with the tastes of the middle class.
    I would happily eat cat or dog if i saw it in the butcher,although I may have more of an issue with butchering the neighbours catmyself, but if times were hard enough i would rather do that thanscavenge in peoples bins.


    Havingtaught in Korea for a few years, eating dog was always one of the morecontentious items to tick off the list. I did finally succumb and onesoju-fueled night sampled bo-shin-tang (dog meat soup), which was aspicy stew laden with marinated strips of Towser. The meat had a layerof fat all over, and colourwise was somewhat akin to duck
    This could well be an apocryphal tale, but I was told some timeafterward that in order to make the meat more succulent, the farmeddogs are beaten with sticks and subsequently set on fire in order thatthe vital 'nutrients' and canine adrenalin are in the muscles when itis slaughtered. True or not, I only had it the once.
    East Asia will never subscribe to our views on animal protection or cruelty.  Visting a zoo in Korea is a sickening experience.



    网友Donald Chang£º你随便问个小孩子£¬他们都会毫不犹豫地告诉你£¬猫狗是宠物£¬鸡和牛才是食物¡£?#26434;?#36825;一法案的实施£¬我非常高兴¡£
    网友Tina Rhea写道£º该法案是一大进步£¬我非常期待这一天的到来£¬我希望中国以及所有的国家都禁止扑杀陶壶£¬犀牛¡¡£¬象牙£¬鲨鱼等?#21543;?#21160;物¡£
    网友L P£º一个?#24895;?#22909;的人会同情其他所有生物的¡£
    网友Vof Reason£º可怜那些可爱的动物啊£¬吃那些难看的动物吧£¬我是素食者£¬但我吃鱼肉¡£
    网友Ian Hogg甚至称£¬禁止吃猫肉和狗肉这一举动让中国离21世纪国家又靠近了一年¡£

    网友sab carrera¡¡说£º我知道£¬在意大利某些地区£¬猫肉也是当地一道菜呢¡£
    网友Will Bennett说£º有充分的依据?#20801;ÇG?#29399;肉是种很好的食物£¬在一些韩国餐厅也有狗肉£¬所以不要总说中国的不是¡£据我所知£¬大部分亚洲国家都在吃狗肉£¬但没人吃自己家狗的肉£¬只是吃那些那些如鸡或其它大批?#21487;?#20135;的动物¡£
    网友Paul McD称£º我完全尊重其它国家人民的文化£¬同时我也非常高兴看到中国人停止食用狗肉£¬我也希望中国同时禁止捕杀其它动物¡£

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