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    Who Will Stand Up to China This Year?
    译者:unknown     发?#38469;?#38388;:2016-04-29     超过 0 位网友阅读



    The growth of the South China Sea as a primary area of concern of the U.S.-Japan alliance, second perhaps only to the Korean nuclear threat, is one of the main trends of the past four years. The East China Sea, once a serious concern, has receded in the background as China—under Xi Jinping’s direction—has turned its attention and focus on securing Chinese pre-eminence inside the Nine-Dashed Line. This coming spring, the Philippines’ court case on the legality of this line will be decided by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. By many accounts, and by the weaknesses inherent in China’s claims, the finding is likely to be in Manila’s favor.


    ferdinand marcos • 2 days ago
    Who Will Stand Up to China This Year?
    All UN member countries who adhere INTERNATIONAL LAW.


    ting_m_1999 ferdinand marcos • a day ago
    Who Will Stand UP to America, the Dictatorial Tyrant, This Year?


    ferdinand marcos ting_m_1999 • a day ago
    The China Communist Party headed by Pres. Xi of PROC. and North Korea.


    A Chinese Sannie Evan Malala • 17 hours ago
    The nine-dashed-line is a fact, even the Pinoy admits its existence as you have attested; you cannot call a fact a lie, by calling a fact a lie means you are lying and you are a liar lying to cover Pinoy's stealing.


    Pits A Chinese • 17 hours ago
    china’s territorial claims, based upon a 1947 map showing nine dashed lines encircling the SCS, has NO legitimate basis...NOT recognize by the international community..then or now..there is absolutely NO HISTORICAL basis to support either of the dash-line claims..Chiang Kai-Shek’s 9 or 11 dash line declaration is nothing but a gigantic historical fraud..its nothing but a sole declaration made by china which nobody recognizes or acknowledges.,,its not a treaty or something the world is compelled to abide or accept or believed..nor is it binding to anyone..


    Merlion Economist ferdinand marcos • a day ago
    Rule of law is only law for non Super Powers. ie. the small players.
    Don't you know your history.
    PH are really flogging a dead horse with this one. Same judgement that got them no where in the past.


    ferdinand marcos Merlion Economist • a day ago
    merlion of singapore or native chinese hiding in singapore.
    No one is above the Law, unless it's a Living type of Law.
    China's way of STRATEGY in defending a BOGUS CLAIM is a waste of effort on something when there is no chance of succeeding, that is the definiton of flogging a dead horse.
    Changing a strategy is the best solution, in face of a looming UNFORESEEN LEGAL REPERCUSSION.
    How about trillions of Dollars?
    When there is money, money comes.
    China got money, and China will Pay Big Time!


    Merlion Economist ferdinand marcos • 20 hours ago
    Makes no difference if you are Chinese Singaporean or native chinese in Singapore cause the only difference is a generation or two. Their still essentially made up of the same superior genetics that gets you Top on the PISA ranking.
    No one is above the law unless its international law. Then theres a pecking order.
    Thats just realism. That realism allows for the US to dominate the PH when it did.
    Bogus claim is still a claim. Now if its the US that just came into Asia and said this island is mine like they did with Hawaii then yeah its bogus. But since there were chinese fishermen in the SCS that were named after them and Chinese in PH, then there is a linkage that helps legitimize the claim.
    But at the end of the day, its guns that sort out claims, not law.




    ferdinand marcos Merlion Economist • 18 hours ago
    Big words, like big guns.
    A native chinese with an identity crises, flaunts his superior genes. hahhahha.......
    A native chinese in a city republic, like mainland china flaunts it's untested military personnel or hardwares...hahahaha
    plain and simple
    If you got a gun big or small, might as well use.
    Guns are not for show, you show it, use it.
    In Phil., guns are kept it's not for show.
    Philippine intends with constant reminder by it's friends to be civilize. In civilize world, Law is better than guns, but if the other party does not recognized Law, but only guns then, might as well respond the same.
    As for your native land china till this present time, the US navy has been challenging those fearfull weapons of China's Peoples Liberation Army or Navy.


    Merlion Economist ferdinand marcos • 17 hours ago
    I thought I was trying to keep it simple stupid with Big Guns, rather than long range highly mobile missile platform. I wasn't sure if the Filo could understand me.
    The smart thing about the chinese is that they don't have to use their guns. Still get what they want like scarbrough shaol.
    Has china responded to the challenge. Yes! by reclaiming islands and building runways and putting missile batteries on it.
    US temporary. China permanent.

    中国敢吱一声吗? 废话!重?#24459;?#26126;岛屿的主权,在岛上大建跑道,设置导弹,这算不?

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